Our mission

Self-expression. Self-exaggeration. Self-discovery

We aim to promote the unconventional within fashion & beauty standards. With the use of clothing as a form of self-discovery and self-expression we empower all women to feel good in their skin. We're not just a clothing company, we're a community of strong, inspirational, and trailblazing women.

Our unapologetic


As humans we have many levels of growth, discovering who we are is a journey and essentially our relationships with ourselves is a forever thing. Establishing Unlabelled worked in the same way. Originally born as a book to promote the unconventional within the beauty and fashion industries, we continuously escalated from there. As the book flourished, so did the concept to influence change and remove labels amongst women in the fashion industry. Unlabelled developed into a brand with the purpose to express the diversity of women. As the brand grows, so does our concept to change, influence, and empower. With a non-profit in the works, Unlabelled has no limitations. In short, we are a network of strong, educated, trailblazing women and our beauty goes without saying.

our fearless


Unlabelled is a way of life. For Natalie Servello, the brand was established long before it essentially existed. When entering both the Fashion Communication program at Ryerson University and the Fashion and Editorial Branding program at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, the goal has always been to change the labels instilled by the fashion community.From mentoring youth females from a young age andstudying a great deal of the objectifications of the modelling industry, Unlabelled was born. Originally a book forher graduating thesis and now so much more. Here’s the thing, as Founder & Creative Director, Unla-belled shares Natalie’s lived experiences relating to her body image and uses her hardships to connect with such a diverse group of women. We are more than our physical attributes, we are strong, intelligent, resilient, powerful,and so much more. We are gold all of us rare and there isno label definitive enough to categorize us all together.